Holy Cross Catholic Church

Project Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Sizemore Group worked with Holy Cross Catholic Church in Tucker, Ga, to redesign the sanctuary of the church, particularly the platform and reredos, the ornamental screen covering the wall at the back of an altar, originally built in 1970. The leaders of the church desired a new look for the front of the sanctuary that felt inviting, holy and sacred. 

Previously, the existing reredos was made from interchangeable fabrics draped between three wood arches. In order to inspire a feeling of belonging and reverence, the team envisioned a permanent background for the altar that encased the statues of Mary, Joseph and the tabernacle. To help add beauty and cohesion of the design, the existing rectangular windows were replaced with new windows that better matched the new design of the altar area. This helped to soften the look and feel more organically part of the church. 

An important part of the design was to include ADA Access to the altar platform and flexible seating. To solve this, the team developed a “stramp” (a stair and ramp combination) that helps those with physical disabilities feel more welcome at the altar. The stramp’s graceful curves created an inviting altar inclusive of all.