Dothan City Schools Master Plan


Project Location: Paulding County, Georgia
Project Dates: May 2018 – April 2019

The Sizemore Group Team:

  • Determined the goals and desired outcomes of the Board and Senior Staff.
  • Provided baseline demographic work based on the most recent American Communities Survey.
  • Demographic data was compared to Private school enrollment and Public School enrollment for prior 10 years.
  • All schools in the system were assessed for ADA, roofing and other critical deferred maintenance issues.
  • Funding options were investigated.
  • School capacities were determined, by age group.
  • Public School enrollment was forecast.
  • Pre-K school facility was selected.
  • All students were geocoded.
  • School facility zones were redrawn based on facility ownership, facility maintenance costs and cultural issues as defined by the community and staff.
  • Multiple community meetings were held to present the problems and possible solutions.
  • Coordinated School Zones with web-based student query providers.