Chattahoochee Technical College Master Plans: Marietta and North Metro

Project Location: Marietta, Georgia

Project Scope: 150,000 sf

Completion Date: 2011

This institution is one of several that were consolidated in 2009 in response to a major reorganization of the Technical College System of Georgia. As a result, three institutions, Chattahoochee Tech, Appalachian Tech and North Metro Tech were consolidated into one. The initial process being used is to first define the overall strategy for the physical development of all eight campuses as they begin to operate as one unit. It includes an overall assessment of existing and future programs, enrollment, physical condition and capacity to accommodate any additional growth. In the next step, we will develop a detailed physical plan that identify priorities for those campuses identified as needing facilities in the immediate future. The process will follow the Guidelines for Master Planning for the Technical College System of Georgia.


  • Master Planning