Atlanta Public Schools Demographic Update

Project Location: Fulton County, Georgia

Project Scope: 1135 Acres, 9,988,000 gsf

Completion Date: 2007

In 2007, Atlanta Public Schools hired Sizemore Group to update the demographics for of the 2001 “Build Smart Master Plan” which Sizemore Group had completed for them. The initial study established a feeder system, from K-5, to Middle School, and on into High School in a system which was correlated to the K-5 school boundaries.

Between 2001 and 2007 the Demographic outlook for Atlanta Public Schools began to change. The school system as a whole was still smaller than it was before but the distribution of the population changed dramatically. The areas on the east side of Atlanta were experiencing rapid growth, along with other select neighborhoods, due to the roll-over of existing housing stock, and select neighborhoods were experiencing an upsurge in Building permits, even as the system as a whole was becoming smaller.

Sizemore Group ran a quick regression analysis on each school to determine the areas where growth was most rapid. Then with the help of cohort survival analysis and building permit analysis we dug deeper to determine the expected growth in those individual school zones.