Winston-Salem State University Master Plan

Project Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina

Project Scope: Over 4,600,000 sf of existing and proposed facilities (with housing and decks)

2002 – Completion Date

2006 – Acquisition Study

2007 – Update of Office Space

Located just south of downtown, in the heart of what was a historic residential area, this growing institution faced the challenge of how to take care of its aging facilities (some historic), how to accommodate housing and how to minimize serious pedestrian/vehicular conflicts. The proposed master plan solution focused on consolidating some functions in the heart of campus while creating new development sectors beyond the main campus to accommodate housing, growth in schools and future research. New circulation routes were developed. As part of the Master Plan, a Sector Plan for housing along the Southwest end was developed to accelerate design of a new housing complex.

Scope included:

  • Comprehensive level Master Planning.
  • Detailed integration of academic, facilities and capital planning.
  • Assessment of open space, building condition, existing academic programs and mission of the institution.
  • Assessment of pedestrian, vehicular and parking needs.
  • Sector Plans: housing, Science and Engineering quadrangle.
  • Selective departmental space reallocation into existing and new buildings.
  • Design guidelines.

“I have been through other master plans. You have done a great job. What I really like about the process and solution is that you listened to us.”

-Dr. Melvin Johnson, Provost