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  1. Christopher Alan Schrock

    Sir I humbly ask you to give my plans out. Darwin Moore Forney TX and war military vet and my best friend that I haven’t spoken to since he dropped me off Dallas bus station 2019. Properly Smooth intelligent and I trust him. He’ll keep me on my toes he is a energetic development man that can easily get it across. And my career military brother Bernet Marcus Robinson runs the va in temple Texas I believe is the couny. I hardly know him but he is a very sharp brother and if he’ll come he’ll be a crucial weapon dealing with presidents, ceo’s & project managers. Darywn like a chief of staff he makes sure I don’t miss something in Dallas and We both share our love of development he speaks about better than me.Darywn is a solider and a man I need with me on this development journey for our country. To be honest Sir it’ll be ugly before its pretty cause Dallas is firmly in place change going to roll through it eventually however mad they get. Those two Strategic Texas man will be effective, leave a positive influence while setting trends, and they get crap done. I don’t want to ask til I can ask receive delivery whatever answers on my part. I’m ready to get with it but I try to follow the process and forget the rest. Sir I want you to know I’m here for results it refreshing it excites me and its just a beautiful thing all way around and the world coming together for a better tomorrow. I don’t take that as a game but its a good thing with the right people. Those two I would like to have in Dallas first it make me feel a lot better I see amazing things with them cause I am committed to see this development out Sir to the very best of my ability. I let Bob get me all out my character they really destroyed me here. I’m here to learn Sir and so far it has been one amazing journey I am thankful to share it with people I love and respect.


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