Fulton County 2020 Neighborhood Senior SURGE Project

Project Location: Fulton County, Georgia
Completion Date: 2021

Sizemore Group was honored to be commissioned by Fulton County to provide design and project management services for the Fulton County 2020 Neighborhood Senior SURGE Project. This project addressed much needed  interior, exterior and infrastructure improvements to 15 Fulton County senior centers.

The project duration was set at 38 weeks and organized as two phases, both consisting of several items aimed at improving the experience of patrons as well as the work environments of the senior center personnel. The first phase was scheduled from April to July of 2020 and overlapped with Phase 2, which continued from July until late November 2020. Throughout the endeavor, Sizemore Group performed several regular tasks in an effort to facilitate and expedite the progress of work, including performing regular site visits and site inspections, maintaining overall project schedule and milestones, development of procurement specifications, drawings and documents for use by contractors and vendors, conducting weekly owner/contractor/vendor meetings, managing the execution, and completion of work and coordinating work by the contractor and vendors.

One of the project’s central goals was the enhancement of the front lobbies to establish the  character of each individual center. Fulton County desired a bright welcoming  atmosphere, which was accomplished through new lighting, flooring, paint, replacement of the reception desks  and the addition of wall-mounted flat screen monitors in all lobbies. Included in the interior improvements was procurement of new exercise equipment and kitchen deep-cleaning, as well as  procurement of  kitchen equipment for centers in need of improved food preparation support.

Another equally important objective was to improve the exterior image of these senior centers, thereby encouraging neighborhood interest and participation. Several centers featured front entrance canopies and/or front gates that appeared to be in various states of ill repair, which may have presented the buildings in a less-than-positive light. Within our project management role, Sizemore Group facilitated the restoration and repair of these building elements. While working together, to manage the procurement and installation of new front and rear gates and associated operation hardware, Fulton County  and Sizemore Group achieved  a more secure access to the facilities, as well as creating a pleasant arrival for all.

By unfortunate circumstance, the Covid-19 pandemic was ever-present during all phases of the project. Due to health concerns, Fulton County  had closed all their senior centers to the public. Sizemore Group was required to perform most of  our project management services remotely, thereby adding another layer of complexity to the project.  The pandemic also highlighted the importance of providing clean, fresh  air to all center occupants. As part of our responsibilities, Sizemore Group, along with Fulton County, coordinated the flushing-out of building mechanical ventilation ducts within all the project facilities.

Due to various unforeseen circumstances, some portions of Phase 2 renovations were deferred to 2021. However, Sizemore Group, along with Fulton County, were able to successfully complete a substantial portion of the original scope this year. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we were able to contribute to the essential improvements that will serve as a welcome upgrade to the seniors when they eventually return.

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with the contractors, vendors, center management and Fulton County, all of whom had an essential role in achieving these fundamental senior center improvements. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Fulton County in our ongoing effort to create cultural places and beautiful spaces.