City of Smyrna Community Center

The mission was to design a Community Center that served as the anchor and central focus of the Town Square. To provide a place for the community to recreate and meet within walking distance of other amenities. This is also a gathering point for Town Green functions with the clock tower and fountain as a welcome invitation to join the activities or relax. The Community Center houses two gymnasiums, an elevated running track, two dance studios, a banquet hall, a main stage, flexible conference rooms, offices, racquetball courts, and a large community room.

“Smyrna has enjoyed great success that comes from dedication to a well-rounded plan and the willingness to adapt that plan to changing conditions. That success in redevelopment and community building stands as a model for other cities. The enviable position that Smyrna enjoys today began with our downtown redevelopment, which began with Sizemore 26 years ago. That productive and forward-thinking partnership continues as Sizemore Group has remained in the relationship, whether working on projects with us or not. Dedication is the key to unlocking potential. We have had a continued “unlocking” through the years with Sizemore Group.”

– Mayor Max Bacon


  • Architecture
  • Interior Space Planning