City of Atlanta Greenbriar Mall LCI Plan

Project Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Sizemore Group was commissioned by the City of Atlanta to provide a visionary and achievable master plan for the Greenbriar LCI study area. Our plan capitalizes on Greenbriar’s rich history as a thriving and affluent African American community and area assets, including Greenbriar Mall and surrounding shopping centers, Areu Studios (formerly Tyler Perry Studios), parks and trails. While the area is currently well serviced by MARTA buses, MARTA’s transit expansion program identifies Campbellton Road as a future high capacity transit corridor – transforming Greenbriar into a highly accessible and desirable transit oriented development area.

Our plan looks towards this future with proposed mixed-use, high density activity centers at transit stations, with a particular focus for an economic center and entertainment district at the Greenbriar Mall transit center. Working closely with the community, we also identified branding and character opportunities to create a sense of arrival and enhance the sense of place focusing on historical places and people.