Developing in Increments When Resources are Uncertain

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Civic, Higher Education, Uncategorized

by Lily del C. Berrios, AIA and LEED BD&C Principal, Sizemore Group

For any project, it’s important to have a long-term vision. But when resources are limited or unknown, leaders and developers may consider developing a project in increments.

With decades of experience in master planning, Sizemore Group works with clients to develop comprehensive master plans that reimagine the future of any site. We understand that it takes more than a quick snap of fingers to bring these big-picture master plans to life. It takes time and resources, which a client may not have.

An effective way of implementing designs with a tight economy and limited budgets may be to do it piece by piece. Ordinarily, one might think this could damage the overall cohesion and beauty of the final product. However, with smart, effective designs and plans in place, building and developing in increments can still produce the desired final result, and may better fit the economical demands of a project.

Kennesaw State University’s L.V. Johnson Library

Kennesaw State University approached Sizemore Group with the opportunity to modernize its L.V. Johnson Library to better meet today’s students’ needs. Sizemore Group put together a master plan to update the library and meet its future needs on the Marietta campus. This building renovation was only one phase of the master plan. The team planned the renovation with all phases in mind. Instead of redeveloping the library all at once, KSU wisely spread the implementation of the master plan over the course of several years. This worked for their budget and resources, and it allowed the buildings to stay open for students.

Open-Ended Contracts

Sizemore Group works with counties throughout Georgia on open-ended contracts that best serve the evolving needs, budgets and approval processes of municipalities. County and city leaders hire our expert team of architects, planners and designers to create beautiful, comprehensive master plans, and then we work with them contractually to implement the plans incrementally, one small project at a time. We advance the long term vision as time, budget and resources allow.

Clark Atlanta University Residence Halls

Clark Atlanta University approached Sizemore Group to create a master plan that better served the growth of the university’s main campus. The plan’s proposed solution outlined the optimal use of the main campus, planning for new buildings and proposing renovations of existing buildings. These big renovations included Clement Hall, Thayer Hall, Wright Young Hall, Brawley and Beckwith Residence Halls, Trevor Honors and the Student Center. We implemented the plan incrementally, including renovating some buildings all at once and some one floor at a time. By phasing the plan over several years, Clark Atlanta was able to remain open and continue serving students.